Brand Protection

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer when crisis planning

A good reputation is hard earned and deserves to be protected. A tarnished image costs money and to repair it is expensive and it takes time.

Research that we conducted with CorpComms Magazine showed that 93% of senior managers in the UK have been forced to deal with a crisis at some point during their careers.

Issues that threaten the reputation of a brand do happen. Dealt with  effectively those issues don't have to turn into a crisis.

Preparation and effective management is more important now than ever before. The growth of social media means that a crisis can break at any time and anywhere. The horsemeat scandal is just one example of how social media conversations can spread a story far and wide. In the first six weeks of that scandal breaking, horsemeat was mentioned more than 200,000 times online.

True or not, claims, allegations and criticisms spread fast. The reputation of an organisation that isn't tracking what is being said can be badly damaged before the truth of the comment, complaint or story becomes clear.  

At CORE our expert consultants provide the complete service. We have decades of experience and have successfully guided organisations through a huge range of issues.

A trusted and expert partner for your company we will help to ensure that you are prepared in case the worst does happen. We will help you put systems in place that are refreshed regularly, fully tested and shared with those who need to know.

We will help you to handle difficult situations and devise and deliver strategies to rebuild a reputation that may have already been tarnished. 

Our team of ex-journalists create the content, plans, manuals and documents that you can rely on, our skilled trainers prepare you and your teams for even the worst case scenario.

Digital experts put in place 24/7 monitoring that you can have confidence in. We will analyse conversations and track the impact of them.

We will provide you with accomplished spokespeople whilst at the same time providing members of your top team with the media training that they need.

Integrated into the CORE DASHBOARD, we provide you with what you need right now to give you peace of mind.

Our crisis team  is always on call and always available. Instead of watching the clock we are watching the issue.