Media Training

Media Training: Premium
  • Training sessions are devised and delivered by ex BBC journalists who have an in depth knowledge of the media industry. 
  • All training is designed bespoke for each client. Industry issues are identified and fully researched. We will analyse recent interviews and reports on you, your industry and your competitors.
  • Our premium media training programme gives you the confidence that you need to handle interviews with the press, radio and television.
  • This will blow away the myths about the media. It provides you with tools to get your message across, to make the most of the interview opportunity and to tackle those difficult questions.
  • Every session includes interview role plays which are filmed for immediate review.

Media Training: Gold

  • This is for the more experienced spokesperson and the board member who is speaking to the media on a regular basis. 
  • Messages are fine tuned to ensure that it is you and your brand that grabs the headlines for all of the right reasons.
  • This one to one coaching masterclass gives you the confidence to take control of the interview and to set the agenda.
  • Media Training Gold will help you to answer even the most difficult of questions. Our expert coaches will help you to become the reassuring company spokes person when the going gets tough.
  • This course will establsih you as a thought leader within the industry and will push your name to the very top of a journalist’s contacts list.
  • Role play interviews are filmed for considered review where we will look at what you have to say, how you say it and the impression that comes across from your answers. 
  • If you are entering a new market we will work with our international network of partners to give you a detailed insight into the local media landscape
  • Each session includes five, free follow up consultations over the phone.
Presentation Training:
  • Our presentation training gives you everything that you need to excel in front of an audience. Whether it is an industry seminar, a shareholders meeting or a team away day this session helps you to get your messages across in the most compelling way.
  • We will help you to banish the nerves and give you the tools you need to engage your audience and make your presentation one that they remember
  • We focus on your opening remarks that will set the tone for the rest of your speech.
  • We have experienced speech writers who can work with you to make a good speech even better.
  • We will help you to combine warmth, with authority and humour to get your messages across and make sure that they are not fogotten.
  • Sessions can be held on location or at your offices as we select the right environment to best prepare you for your speaker opportunity.