Media relations

Best on Broadcast:

About to appear on radio or TV and you’re not quite sure what to expect? We are here to help.

Drawing upon more than 20 years of experience at the BBC we will blow away the broadcasting myths and give you the advice that you need to make your next interview memorable for all of the right reasons.

We will brief you on what the journalists are looking for. We will make sure you know what to expect either in the studio or when the cameras arrive at your door.

We will showcase examples of best practice from within your sector. 

We will make you confident and comfortable for when the red light goes on and you are live on air.

Media Tours:

If you have a story to tell and your chief executive wants to tell it and make the headlines then a media tour will help you to hit all of your targets.

This is ideal for a CEO who is based overseas and is looking for more exposure in the UK media.  Our Media Tours programme will also short-cut the ground work for a senior executive new to post. 

We will make sure that you are telling the story in the most compelling way with a topline that grabs the attention.

Trusted by our large network of media contacts we will help you to secure  coverage that you need to impress. 

Our ex-journalists will guide your CEO through the media interviews and help him or her to perform at his or her very best from start to finish.

We will use our in depth knowledge of the media industry to guide your interviewee around the newsrooms and studios that matter, with the minimum amount of fuss.

We’ll give you the tips that are needed to shape the answers that will secure maximum coverage on every outlet.

By your side and supporting throughout, with detailed feedback and coaching before and after each interview, this CEO Media Tour will give you the coverage that you want on your top media targets.