Media DNA:

If you are tasked with hitting media targets and raising the profile of your organisation then the Media DNA is a must-have. It will help you to best plan and target those stories and messages that you are keen to get heard.  

The media industry is changing all of the time. Advances in technology mean that journalists can break stories much more quickly. Reporters who were once writing exclusively for newspapers or the for the trade press are now  producing news material for online sites as well. Broadcasters are creating web versions of their stories every day, at the same time as broadcasting on radio and TV.

Specialist bloggers influence the news agenda and provide an additional source of stories. The popularity of social media has changed the way that journalists research material, scan for stories, keep in touch with contacts and distribute new content.

Our former journalists, media relations experts and digital gurus guide you through this changing world. Our Media DNA programme provides you with a detailed and bespoke guide to the media outlets that matter most for your brand and your sector. We will advise how you can best secure the coverage that you want. We will tell you who in your industry is getting their voice heard most often and who are the influencers that you should be talking to.

If you are entering into a new market we will work with our international network of partners to provide you with detailed insight into the media sector, where ever it is! 

We work to your deadlines. After you have briefed our team we take the pressure off you. Our team of experts provide you with your own Media DNA. It comes as a complete presentation for you to share with your team.

Brand Messaging:

Whether you are working for a start-up, a challenger to the market leaders or for an already established brand, it is becoming more and more competitive to get your voice heard and your product noticed.

Clear and consistent messaging is the key if your organisation is going to cut through. It's essential for effective crisis management and a must-have if you have aspirations to become a thought leader.

This intensive interactive workshop is for your senior team to fine tune your key company messages around key issues. Designed bespoke for you and your business, this session helps to shape future external and internal communications.

This is a half day session led by an experienced ex-journalist. Be prepared to be challenged and questioned as we drill down to identify the robust messages that set you apart and that will help you reach your targets.

From the outcomes of the workshop we will draw up a Messaging Matrix - a  clear  and simple guide  to be shared with your team to ensure the consistency that you need.