Crisis Preparation

Effective crisis and issues management requires planning and preparation. A well thought out plan that is shared across the organisation saves you time and money. It will help you to sleep easy at night, while your competitors are racing to catch up. 


Crisis Simulation Training:

Our  interactive crisis scenarios are designed bespoke for your business to best test how well prepared your company is to cope when a crisis happens for real:

  • Either half a day or a full day session, we draw upon the skills of our journalists, producers and social media strategists. Facilitated by our experienced team of trainers we  will create a life-like crisis situation that challenges your business.
  • Typically this interactive workshop, organised in the strictest of confidence, will include the use of custom-designed, off-line social media messages. We will pre-produce mock TV & radio news bulletins and design newspaper and online headlines to illustrate media coverage.
  • Our in-house journalists will play the role of reporters and programme makers asking those difficult questions that you would rather not answer.
  • Every decision that you and your crisis team make will influence what happens next. Our experts are on hand every step of the way to support, encourage and to challenge.We will arrange for a leading reputational lawyer to be on-site to advise on legal issues. 
  • Sessions are filmed by our digital camera team to assist with the all important review process that follows. We will provide you with a comprehensive list of recomendations to make sure your plans, your team and your processes are updated and fit for purpose for now and into the future. 

Desktop Exercises:

Alongside our interactive scenarios we provide desktop crisis training.

  • In the office, working from home, on the move or away on leave, we'll create this bespoke workshop which members of your crisis team can take part in with the minimum amount of disruption to their working day.
  • We test the systems that you have in place to collaborate with and share essential documents with those who are out of the office.
  • We'll examine how straight forward it is to notify partners and brief your customer facing members of staff. What do you say to your social media communities and how do you reflect the latest situation on the company website?
  • This is a challenging session that you will undergo in the environments that you know best. It's an excellent way to top up learnings, to refresh your plans and to build up the confidence of your crisis team.   
Keeping Your Business Running Smoothly:


Events that threaten the smooth running of your operation cost money and put your good business reputation at risk.

  • Whether it's a long term power failure, a flood or fire in your factory, a server outage that brings down your computer system or an emergency evacuation of your part of town, you need a plan in place to stop your business from grinding to a halt.
  • This interactive day of training tests your team and finds out how robust your business continuity plan really is.
  • Often led by the technical director we will work with you to devise a life-like scenario. We will role play your communications with the local authorities, the emergency services, the press and your union representatives.
  • We will test the back-up systems that you have in place to keep the business running and we will examine how quickly and effectively you can notify your staff, your customers, your suppliers and your stakeholders.
  • We will provide you with a comprehensive report on the outcomes of the day which will include our expert recomendations.

Crisis Audits:

This is typically the starting point to getting your plans in order.

However well you think you are placed when it comes to risk management and protecting the reputation of your business our comprehensive audit will identify where you are best in class and where you could do better.

  • We will look at systems, processes and plans. We will talk to your team, those new in position as well as the long serving members of staff.
  • Crisis manuals, pre-prepared statements and existing protocols will all be reviewed by a team of advisers who have years of experience of dealing with live crises and challenging situations. 
  • In a fast moving digital world a reputation that has been built up over many years can be damaged within minutes as stories spread far and wide across social media so those plans that were put in place some time ago could easily now be out of date.
  • An effective crisis plan is a must have but there is much more that you need in your tool kit to make sure that you take control of a breaking situation, fast.

Your business is too important to leave it at risk  so for a first step to a peace of mind take our free test today