Training & Services

The complete companion - protecting reputations & showcasing the best of your brand

Core Management provides the complete range of services.

Our team of ex-journalists, advisors, digital strategists, creatives and professional experts will help you to prepare your plans, to train your teams, to become thought leaders in your industry and to secure high profile media coverage.

Our networks of journalists, contacts and influencers are established and effective.

Our planning is meticulous and shaped from years of hands-on crisis management experience.

Our media training has been described as being 'simply the best there is'.

If you are new to making speeches or being interviewed by the press we will share our tips of the trade and will give you the confidence that you need. If you are experienced already then we will turn you into a 'rock star' and make you memorable for all of the right reasons.

Messaging workshops and our digital analysis provide you with actionable information and data.

Our contacts and  media experitse along with input from our skilled writers, creative producers and stand-out designers will make sure that the content that together we generate, gets noticed and reaches the audiences that matter.