Nov 18th 2013

Infographic - What keeps you up all night

What keeps comms professionals awake?

A study into coping in a crisis

Dealing with a crisis that threatens the reputation of an organisation is amongst the most challenging events that can ever happen during the career of a senior manager.

And they happen alot!

Along with CorpComms Magazine, we asked 150 of the UK's top comms directors how prepared they thought they were for a crisis. We also asked them to share with us their worries and concerns.

Here are the headline results. For the details, our fun infographic will take you through all of the ups and all of the downs of the survey.

  • A whopping 93 per cent told us that they had already had to deal with at least one crisis during their careers    
  • 50% of those that we asked said their biggest issue was the lack of immediate and reliable information
  • 1 in 4 admitted they were worried about being able to contact their crisis teams out of hours
  • Almost a third of those surveyed told us that they're not sure that their senior executives have sufficient experience to handle a crisis
  • 36% revealed that they were frustrated by the speed of response during the last crisis that they had to deal with 
  • And 1 in 8 of them admitted to having not run a full crisis management training programme within the last twelve months.  

Now check out our infographic for a complete run down of the results along with our suggestions that will help you to have a good night's sleep.