Mar 10th 2014

speaking event

Speaking at the IOD

IoD West Midlands Crisis and Reputation Management

Location:Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors

Date:20 March 2014Time:07:30 - 09:00

Speaker Keith Beech

In a digital world of non-stop communications a crisis can break in seconds, remember the meat industry crisis last year, also BP and G4S?

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The popularity of sharing across social media means that the truth can often have little to do with the crisis. What is believed to be the truth , or a rumour that excites, can tarnish the good name of a brand well before anyone even bothers to check the facts of the story.

One year on from the horsemeat scandal, crisis comms expert and former BBC journalist Keith Beech, looks at the importance of preparing for a crisis. He looks at lessons learnt and explains how intelligent listening plays a major part in safeguarding a reputation.