Jan 28th 2014

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Crisis detox

Stay sweet with our 5-point detox plan


Active listening: be active on social media to keep up to date with the latest news and opinion. Digital couch potatoes, who claim social media is not for them, reduce the life expectancy of their business.  So be switched on with monitoring tools that keep a 24/7 track of the conversations that matter. You don’t have to talk, but you do have to listen.

Push the positives: grab back the feel good factor by promoting positive messages. Whether it’s ‘part of a balanced diet’ or 'fabulous fibre’, find the positive messages that work best for your product. Take control of the agenda and reach the audiences that are most important to you. It doesn’t hide the challenges, but it helps to balance things out.

De-stress:  it’s tough when you feel that you are under fire day after day but don’t let stress cloud your judgement. Effective ’peacetime’ planning puts you ahead of the game and leads to a confident response in the face of an attack. Resist the urge to be negative and avoid confrontation. Be a thinker not a fighter. 

Stick at it: be consistent and tell your own story. The volume is turned up at the time of a crisis so make sure you get heard through all of that noise.  Build awareness of your brand by repeating your messages, and don’t forget to use your own channels to publish them.

Keep on chewing: it’s good for the health of your business to chew over the situation. Come together with colleagues and trusted advisers. Effective internal comms channels mean this doesn’t have to slow things up. Time spent chewing will lead to the best response in the end.

Take the CORE detox and don’t allow the latest on sugar leave a sour taste in your mouth!

Keith Beech is director of Core Management – Crisis, Organisation and Reputation which is part of the Nexus Communications Group