Core Management is a one-stop-shop for crisis management, business continuity and media training.

At Core Management we appreciate the value of developing trusted relationships.  In absolute confidence we will meet the needs of your business. 

With more than 30 years in the business of crisis management and protecting reputations you will never have heard of  many of the most challenging of situations that we have dealt with. That's because a well managed crisis is controlled quickly and dealt with effectively, so creating the minimum amount of fuss.

We employ the best people and if you work with us, the whole team will be at your disposal.

At Core Management we are well connected with additional experts, partners and advisors on-hand for when we need them.  

The Core Dashboard is the first of its kind. This bespoke system has been designed for a fast moving digital world. It is fit for purpose and will put you ahead of your competitors.

Together with our team of trusted and experienced advisors Core Management gives you confidence.